Need A Free Job Interview Tip? Six of The Best Right Here

Need a free job interview tip? Contrary to popular belief, there is no big secret to being successful in job interviews. It’s not about who you know, or being super enthusiastic, it’s just about some clever preparation. Check out these free job interview tips for more details…

Free Job Interview Tip 1

Be ready for more than one kind of interview- standard interviews, behavioural interview, group interviews and roleplays all require different sets of skills to come in to play. None are particularly tricky to master, but it’s a good idea to at least be a little prepared for what each one has in store.

Free Job Interview Tip 2

Dress well. The first impression in a job interview carries far more weight than it probably should. If you don’t make that all important good first impression, you will already be behind before the whole thing starts! Wear a freshly pressed suit, leave the jewelry at home and go easy on the perfume/cologne/makeup!

Free Job Interview Tip 3

Research research research- The research you do, or lack thereof can make or break your employment aspirations. Who will they employ, the guy who shows up asking about last year’s stock price drop, or the guy who asks how long he gets for lunch?

Free Job Interview Tip 4

Learn some terminology. Again, this can create a great impression of you, most employers will be nicely impressed by someone who shows up and is able to speak to the interviewers on their level about their company.

Free Job Interview Tip 5

Focus the interview on the employer. Although they may seem all smiles and handshakes, they really aren’t concerned with what the company can do for you. They want to know what you can offer their company, and they want to know that above anything else. If you can illustrate exactly the benefits you will bring, you will be earmarking yourself as one to watch.

Free Job Interview Tip 6

Prepare some things to say. I don’t mean write any after dinner speeches or anything, but at some point you will likely be asked some very basic interview questions, so it would be a good idea to prepare for them. As an example, they will probably ask you for a little information about yourself. This can be truly painful-if you don’t have anything prepared, you will most likely end up rambling on and on, creating a terrible image of yourself as the nerves of the situation gradually overrun you. Instead, keep it to a few concise sentences and come to a definite stop. This will be much better!

As with many aspects of the job hunting experience, a job interview is nowhere near as terrifying as you first imagine, and hopefully these free job interview tips have helped you realise that!