3 Simple Tips For Success in Business

Keep a Bullet-proof Attitude

The first and most important business success tip you will ever find is to make sure your attitude is positive. When I say positive I am not talking about keeping a good attitude. Oh no, having a good attitude is not going to be persistent enough to handle the day-to-day abuse most people are going to face regularly. You will need to keep a bullet-proof attitude. An extraordinary attitude, where nothing and no one can take control of your thoughts or your feelings during the day. If you don’t, you will eventually loosen your grip on that positive mindset.

A great technique to defend yourself from the negative is to be extra aware of little attitude reducers that tactfully attempt to sneak into your day. The trick is, as soon as you are feeling less than excellent, or when you feel your flow has been disrupted, take a second and think about something that makes you laugh or smile. In fact, while it’s hard to justify keeping those wacky, productivity destroying emails we all receive, here’s where they are useful. Start keeping only the best ones in a folder for those times when you need a quick positive attitude re-adjustment.

Simplicity Sells

The second business success tip is to use the KISS method. You may have heard of it, Keep It Super Simple. You may have heard of another KISS acronym that focuses on the same goal but uses different words. If you happen to be rolling your eyes right now because you heard this suggestion so many times and it’s old news; then I challenge you to reflect and ask yourself if you are really applying the KISS method to all parts of your business. Every time I ask this question there is always areas where multitasking is being done, and efforts could be more focused. I would place a wager that you would come to the same conclusion as I if you think long enough.

Also, ensure you are always using the KISS method consistently for all aspects of customer communication. This has been proven to be one of the best customer retention techniques you can use on a regular basis.

Action is a key to succeed in business

The final business success tip of this article was best articulated and explained by Bob Doyle, personal development coach and internationally renowned speaker. He said make sure to use the GOYA principle. If you ever want to success in anything you are going to keep that bullet proof attitude, keep it super simple, and Get Off Your @SS!

“Out of abundance they took abundance, and still abundance remained.” – Upanishads