Monitor Restaurant Advertising Expenses

Advertisement is one of the reasons why your restaurant gets exposure. Though it can be really expensive to put up an advertisement for your restaurant; the tendency of a restaurant owner and manager is to jump on the opportunity to get the next best advertising approach for their restaurant. After all, it’s going to be the restaurant business itself which is going to garner the profit later on.

But what is usually the case is that restaurant owners and managers are never able to get hold of the most effective advertising approach. It simply means that yes, the ads worked because many people came; some whose faces you are not familiar with. But, are you sure that these people went to your restaurant because of the ad you placed? No, you are not. So the question is; how sure are you that the ads you have paid for are really bringing you back the dollars you have spent on them? How sure are you that your business is really reaping profits because of the ads?

The answer is that you will never know for sure which ads work and which ones that does not. It will be too impossible to take note of all the reasons why you have customers coming and going. A customer may just also drop by your restaurant without seeing a single ad you placed. There can be so many reasons and you will never know which ones are definite. So, what are you going to do to identify your profit loss and gain through the ads you put out?

You can start finding out just what you want by distributing comment cards to your customers which have the question line that runs this way: “How did you hear about us?” You really don’t need to make sure that each and every one of your customer gets a card and must write down their opinion. But it is a start! You can try this three times a week. And then do a weekly tally of the results you get.

By simply trying out other fresh ideas on how you can track your advertisement expenses, you will be able to determine at least an estimate of the percentage that works and gets across to your customers. After that, you can then think of the next marketing strategy you can try to even increase your restaurant sales.